Veta Green Cream Large Pump 250g


VetaGreen Cream

Same natural and nourishing, moisturising skin cream

created from luxurious herbs and essential oils

as in our signature purple jars

except this time

we have a different, bigger

stylish, sleek pump action bottle

filled to the brim

with our lovely

Veta Green Cream

waiting for you to try

We reckon you will love it as much as you do

Veta Green Cream




250g of your favourite Veta Green Cream

In a different look, sleek, compact easy to use bottle

Economical and with an easy one handed pump action

Stylish for any benchtop, great size and convenient

Many happy customers were asked to to use our new bottle and provide feedback

We were told it was pretty, and so simple and easy to use

We were also told repeatedly how good Veta Green Cream is

We are confident you will love our new look bottle as much as you do our

Veta Magic Cream


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