Veta Green Cream


Natural and nourishing, moisturising all over skin cream created from luxurious herbs and essential oils. Every purple pot has it’s own bit of magic, join thousands of others to try this beautiful organic green cream and see how the magic changes life for you.



This seemingly unassuming pale green cream is working wonders for so many people. Originally developed to bring relief to family members it has proved so popular that we have been urged to package and distribute it in our original 100g container to the general public.

The original formula was blended to target aches and pains on our own aging bodies and to alleviate the stressful effects of everyday living on our poor tired skin. This Naturopathic formula has been refined and adjusted to the wonderful soothing natural skin cream we distribute today.

The search for a suitable name took us to a myriad of possibilities but every path in this journey brought us back to the one word – Magical! Veta Green Cream that we bring you now is truly magical in its affects, bringing rapid relief as its light and gentle texture is so quickly absorbed into the body.

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