About Us

Hi, I am Susie, thanks for dropping in!

I am a naturopath, herbalist, gardener, and the creator of Veta Green Cream. This very special blend was created with the aim of helping my wonderful mother ‘Veta’ whom my formula is named after.

In 2014 my mum suffered a stroke and was also diagnosed with cancer. Drawing on my herbalist/naturopathic knowledge I created this cream.

We found Magic! The cream healed her bruising, nourished her skin, and gave her pain relief from a multitude of ailments.

We are very careful in selecting our herbs, botanicals and oils, ensuring a quality product. We source most of our herbs from our own garden as well as other reputable sources. Our oils and other botanicals are also sourced from the best of the best in Australia.

Veta Green Cream is shared with you as a nourishing, replenishing dry skin moisturiser, as our jars say-

‘Knuckles, Elbows, Knees and Toes

Apply and feel the magic flow!

Shoulders, Backs, Calves and Heels

You won’t believe how good it feels!’